Statistical Software


AML  v.2 9

aML is a statistical software package for estimating multilevel, multiprocess models. Multilevel refers to the capability of handling repeated measures of outcomes; the number of levels may be arbitrarily large.

SciViews-R  v.

SciViews-R is a series of packages providing a GUI API on top of R, a free (Open Source) statistical software based on the S language. SciViews is one of the first GUI for R and it is developed since 2001.


Joinpoint  v.3. 3. 2001

Joinpoint is a statistical software for the analysis of trends using joinpoint models.

BioStat 2007  v.3. 8. 2004

BioStat - user-friendly biology and medicine oriented statistical software. With BioStat 2007, one gets a robust suite of statistics tools and graphical analysis methods that are easily accessed though a simple and straightforward interface.

STATPerl  v.1.0.0002

STATPerl (Statistics with Perl) is a free Statistical Software based on Perl. Perl source codes for various statistical analysis are given with it. User can add new analysis and edit existing one. An inbuilt Perl IDE comes with it.

InfoStat  v.9.0

InfoStat is general-purpose software for statistical analysis. It covers all the basic needs for descriptive statistical analysis and the production of graphs for the exploratory analysis.

Black Body  v.1.1

Study radiation effect with this tool. Black Body is a small, simple, easy-to-use software specially designed to display this radiation effect. The user can take several snapshots of the radiation spectrum in order to compare the effect at different

Molecular Formulas  v.1.1

Molecular Formulas is a software to help you study chemical formulas.

Cauchy Distribution  v.1.0

Study Cauchy distribution with this software. Cauchy Distribution help you calculate the probability density function of the Cauchy distribution and allows to calculate the mean as a function of the sample size. Since the probability density function

Instat+  v.3 36

Instat+ is a general statistical package. It is simple enough to be useful in teaching statistical ideas, yet has the power to assist research in any discipline that requires the analysis of data.

Varactor Diode  v.1.0

Analyze diodes with this utility. Varactor Diode enable users to select from various doping profiles, spanning all commonly used concentration profiles, from hyperabrupt, over abrupt to linear. The corresponding characteristic of the diode is

Distribution Calculator  v.1.3

Calculate distributions fast and easy. Distribution Calculator help you with distribution calculations. The user simply enters the degrees of freedom, the test statistic or the level of signifance,

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